Unfinished Idea!

Sleepy Crab

You arrive on the Island, and the first thing you notice is that there are absolutely no people in the streets! You assume they are at a town meeting or something like that, so you head into 'Town Hall'.

Once inside, you notice that there still are no people! Where could they be? You head back outside and decide to investigate the homes in the area.

Finding a door to be unlocked, you head inside and finally see another Poptropican. He seems to be absorbed in a TV Show, and doesn't even seem to notice that you've come inside. Best to leave him alone for now.

Heading upstairs, you find a Poptropican named Sleepy Crab. She's on her phone, and answers vaguely to all of your questions.

Deciding that it's a lost cause, you head back outside. Before leaving, you find an old, cracked phone(1) and decide to take it. No one will want a broken phone, right?

Going to the next house down, you enter and immediately startled by yet another Poptropican hidden in her home.

She yells at you to close the door, and that the sun hurts her eyes. How long has she been in her house?

You use the cell phone to find your way through the house. Going into a bedroom, you shut the door and turn on the light.

The bed is unmade and the floor is very dirty. You kick through the stuff and crack a window. It smells like dirty diapers in here!

Looking out, you notice a person walking down the street and going into Town Hall. You call after them and they rush inside. Better follow them to find out what's going on, and why no one is outside!

You hurry outside, being yelled at as you exit because of the sunlight again. Head towards Town Hall.

When you go inside, you see a person filing papers. Walk over and poke them on the shoulder to get their attention.

She screams in fright and throw the papers, running off. You hurriedly gather them up, picking up a few of the important looking newspaper articles(2) before following after her.

She seems to have disappeared, so you decide to look around. You find a computer with a webpage open, so you take a look at it.

The webpage is another news article about a 'deserted town', which happens to be the town you're in. You get off of the computer and go into the Mayor's office.

In the Mayor's office, you spot the Mayor of course, and his assistant. They seem to not notice you at first. You should take this moment to snoop around before revealing yourself.


(1)Cracked Cell Phone

(2a) Newspaper Article about an Infestation

(2b)Newspaper Article about the Mayor

(2c)Newspaper Article about Electricity Usage


Town Hall

House 1

House 2


Sleepy Crab


Mayor's Assistant

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