your poptropican must run to the right and talk to anakin skywalker anakin will say do you want to help me on a mission your poptropican will say yes i do then your poptropican will go into obi wans jedi starfighter then your poptropican will collect a lightsaber later that day naboo is under attack your poptropican must fight with your jedi starfighter your poptropican must shoot and destroy count doouk's ship then go to mustafar and anakin skywalker will turn to the dark side your poptropican must  use the lightsaber fight him anakin has 10 life and your poptropican has 8 life when your poptropican defets anakin your poptropican must go to the left 2 times then obi wan will transport you back to tatooine and your poptropican will earn the medllion for star wars island

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