Demon Hunt Island is an upcoming island on Poptropica.



During the day,the town of Ecildale is peaceful and normal.But night is when the demons come out!To bring down the demons,you must join the demon hunt and slay the king of all monsters:Slenderman!


When you first land on the island,it is near sundown and everyone is rushing home.You ask a man why he is in such a hurry and he runs away screaming.Then the sun sets and the demons come out!

A Naga-like demon emerges and attempts to attack you.You begin a minigame in which you run and jump over objects,similar to the goblins minigame in Twisted Thicket Island.When you reach a broken car in the junkyard,you push it so that it knocks down the demon.A man appears and commends you on your brilliant work and asks you to join the demon hunt.He hands you a hatchet to use while fighting demons.He then tells you to begin your journey at the mall.Go right to enter mall.

As soon as you enter,you realise the mall is being attacked by a fire demon.Dodging fireballs,you must push the buckets of water so that they splash onto the djinn.Do this three times and the djinn will dinsintegrate.

Go onto the roof and you will be chased by a gargoyle.Jump across the rooftops and avoid the gargoyle when it dives.If you hold out long enough,the gargoyle will eventually dive into a tree and it will get it's horns stuck.As he struggles,the tree will fall down and crush him.

Proceed into the forests and an imp will appear.It will attack you and then dive into a bush.Now you play a minigame in which you must find all ten imps camouflaged against their surroundings.When you do so,the imps will all dissapear into dust.

Next you must escape into an underground chamber full of slimy green trolls.You must jump on chandeliers and other such objects so as to avoid being spotted by them.Then you must jump up to the top-left corner and pull a lever that will activate all the unactivated lights in the chamber thus destroying the trolls.

Next is the final boss battle.In Slenderman's lair,there are numerous cages with skeletons in them.Slenderman will stretch out his arms to attack you so you must escape his clutches.If he touches you even once,you will have to start over.Lure him under the largest cage hanging at the center of the room and click on the rope.You will throw the hatchet at the rope causing the cage to crash on top of Slenderman.

The next morning,the man who asked you to join the demon hunt will present you with the medallion.




Frightened man


Demon Hunter