Future Poptropica Is a mini-quest on poptropica. It Is Free+.It was released on November 15, 2013


You are In the future! You have to save It! You must go around the town of future Poptropica and find the core!


Enter the Quest. Go right and talk to the guy with the teleporter.He will give you a ride to a spaceship.Inside the ship,you will go In Light speed-mode.You must escape by running through the ship.Jump,Duck,Duck,Jump,Jump the Falling Tv, then jump to the Teleporter just In Time.On Poptropica find the core.It Is by the 2013 cafe.Find a shovel and dig.You will find the core In the subway train.The train will leave and you must catch It by using a hoverboard. Stop the train flying train by going by the tank and grab a Blowtorch on the ground.jump on the train my grabing the train and keeping your hoverboard and use the Blowtorch. The Blowtorch will jam the tank and the train will stop and fall on the ground. Go Inside the Train and grab the core.You must go to the top.Run and find the core tank.Put the core In and Future Poptropica will run again.You will get 100 credits and a awesome robot costume. The End. (The members get a 2nd costume.)

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