Template:NotReal angry birds island is poptropica 5,s best island. story; the birds have beaten the pigs but it turns pitch black the eggs have been stolen while you talk to the birds and they will give you a egg gun. Go to 24 carrot island 5 and find dr. hare and distract him with 2 carrots and he will give you a egg. go to shark tooth island 5 and find shark boy and give him a fish and he will drop the golden egg. [boss battle] the great booga comes and eats the fish and trys to eat shark boy and use the egg gun to shoot the great booga and it will vomit the original fish. and the booga will also vomit,s a egg. and go to the booga shamman a spoon and he will drop the golden egg.find dr. hammer head and give him a surfboard and he will give you a egg. note; dr. hammer head and booga shamman are in the same place; booga bay 5. go to super power island 5 and give ned noodlehead a super hero coustume and he will give you a egg. this is the most furustrating part the joker comes and you have to give him a coustume be fore he shoots and get the golden egg hint; use your egg gun. go to spy island 5. get 2 eggs it is vary boring i can tell. go to astro knights island 5 and give sir cador a beam sword and he will drop the golden egg. go to skullduggery island 5 give captian crawfish a sword he will drop the golden egg and find the last egg and you get the medlation. bonus quest more eggs find a golden egg camera. a egg. go in the blimp and go on a adventure for a 100,000,0 foot golden egg.