{{NotReal Template:Notreal Template:NotReal Bonkers Island is an island on Poptropica 2.


  • Lucky
  • Bonkers
  • Fall Apart Rabbit
  • Fawn Deer
  • Jitters
  • Toots
  • Donald Duck
  • Wacky Weasel
  • Mr. Doodles
  • Harry the Handbag
  • Toon Pencil


  • Main Street
  • Donald's Mansion
  • Wacky Studios
  • Police Station



  • Go to Bonkers Island.
  • Walk until you see Lucky and Bonkers.
  • Bonkers will tell you that his friends Fall Apart Rabbit, Fawn Deer, Jitters, and Toots have been kidnapped.
  • He'll say that he and Lucky need your help.
  • Go to Donald's Mansion.
  • The Toon Pencil will come and a giant evil eraser will start to erase the mansion.
  • Run if you keep running and dodging the buckets and chadileirs the eraser will run into them and explode.
  • You'll go into the broom closet and find the Toon Pencil.
  • He will try to erase you.
  • Let him erase the walls by dodging his attacks.
  • Bonkers will give you an umbrella for the three of you to hide under.
  • Toon Pencil will get crushed.
  • Lucky will arrest him.
  • You save Fawn Deer.
  • Go to Wacky Studios.
  • Go around the studios and find a carton of eggs.
  • Go to the western set.
  • Avoid Wacky Weasel he'll try to get you.
  • You'll get into a cart chase.
  • After the chase it's boss time.
  • Wacky Weasel will charge at you jump over him when he does that.
  • When he gets stuck in the wall throw eggs at him.
  • When you defeat him Lucky will arrest him.
  • You save Jitters.
  • Go to the city.
  • You'll get chased by a truck being driven by Mr. Doodles
  • Eventually, you'll have to duck and he runs into a brick wall
  • Jump onto the truck to get over the wall.
  • On top of the wall is an anvil
  • You'll find Harry the Handbag
  • Drop the anvil on Harry three times to save Fall Apart Rabbit
  • After Harry is arrested you'll find a crow bar
  • Use it to open the sewer lid
  • As you go by watch out for rats
  • You'll find three cream pies
  • You'll find the collector
  • The toons you saved (and Toots) will be in domes
  • The Collector will be in a machine connected to the domes
  • He'll have two empty domes: one for you and one for Bonkers
  • Don't let him catch you
  • Use your cream pies to hit the machine
  • The toons will be freed
  • Lucky will arrest the Collector
  • You're instantly back at the police station
  • Donald Duck comes and gives you the medallion

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