Template:NotReal Template:NotReal Chowder Island is an island on Poptropica 2.


  • Chowder
  • Mung Daal
  • Shnitzel
  • Truffles
  • Panini
  • Endive
  • Gazpacho
  • Gorgonzola
  • Kimchi
  • Chesnut
  • KIWI!!!!


  • Mung's Catering Company
    • Ordering stand
    • Kitchen
    • Chowder Room
  • Endive's Catering
  • Marzipan City (Main Street)
    • Marzipan Market(Multiplayer room)
  • Gazpacho's Stand
  • Apprentice Games


  • Dollop
  • Fruit
  • Key
  • Punching Ray
  • Stair Steps
  • Kimchi


  • Start in the city, and talk to Chowder.
  • He will say that he is getting hungry, but he has no money.
  • Go to the right until you reach Gazpacho's Stand.
  • He will give you fruit for a dollop, which you do not have.
  • Go back to the city, and go left until you reach the Catering Company. Go inside.
  • Truffles will be inside, taking an order. She will tell you to make "Chopped Gliver", because Mung is out.
  • Go into the kitchen (Truffles will not let you pass until you make the order).
  • Play the game by simply chopping the gliver on dotted lines.
  • Truffles will give you a dollop.
  • Go to Gazpacho's Stand again and give him the dollop for fruit.
  • Give the fruit to chowder.
  • He will eat it, and before giving you information, Panini will pop up and chase him away.
  • Shnitzel will walk up and speak (you won't understand him).
  • Tell him you don't understand him. Chowder will run past and drop a note book.
  • Give him the note book and he will write his message.
  • He will apparently say that Mung is missing, and Chesnut knows where he is.
  • Go right from Gazpacho's stand, to Endive's.
  • Hop on the many platforms until you reach the roof, where chesnut is.
  • He will say that he has no idea where Mung is.

Chowder will run up and knock over Chesnut, and reveal a small key.

  • Take it, and chowder will give you a punching ray.
  • Now, a boss. Panini will run up, and accuse you of trying to hide Chowder.
  • He will say that you need to hit Panini with the punching ray.
  • In the battle zone, try to hit panini 3 times. She will fall off the roof.
  • To the right of Endive's is the Apprentice Games. You can't get in, because the doors are locked.
  • Go back to Mung's where Gorgonzola will say that the doors were locked up during a close-off.
  • The place will be boarded up. Click on the door to play the next game.
  • Try to move the boards so that the "Unlock juice" can flow to the lock (cup).
  • The doors will unlock. Go in.
  • Go to the kitchen and talk to Shnitzel. He says that the stairs were destroyed.
  • Grab the stair steps (one item).
  • Use them and assemble them in another game.
  • Go up to Chowder's room.
  • Use the key to unlock Kimchi's cage.
  • He will be an item. Go to the Apprentice Games.
  • Use Kimchi. He will let you fly.
  • Fly up to the top of the colluseum. Go down.
  • Mung will be there, as a hostage, over a lava pit.
  • Click on a nearby thrice cream container. It will tip over and somehow stop the lava.
  • Walk over to Mung. Talk to him to free him.
  • Endive will run up and say that she was trying to "eliminate the competition", until you freed him.
  • She will drink a flying drink and start to fly.
  • Get on Kimchi and go after her.
  • This will be just a little harder than Betty Jetty was. Endive flys and shoots lasers, that makes three trips around you.
  • Avoid them and touch her. She will fall onto the ground, and everyone else will be there, and start to beat her up.
  • You will appear in the kitchen after this bit. Mung will give you the medallion.

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