Template:NotReal *Poptropica is a cool place to hang out in chat rooms and meet your friends and play games whith them.

  • However you can vist tons of islands at the moment there is about 24 islands so you can pick more ,more and more.
  • There is even a store were you gets some items for free and some by credits and if you become a member you can acess to everything.
  • How do you get credits?
  • Of corse you get credits when you complete an island.
  • Will I have no island to complete ?
  • Well it can happen but in a few days or a week you can complete the next island because poptropica makes more and more islands so you can carry on the game.

To find out more vist: and make your person and just create your accout gess what no email to register how cool is that no worry!