Template:NotReal This island is just like Super Power Island. The experiments are on the loose.


  • Lilo-She will help you find the expirements.
  • Stitch-He'll help you along the way.
  • Jumba- He's not much of a help.
  • Pleakly- He means well but he's gonna mess things up.
  • Gantu- He wants the expierements too.
  • Hamsterviel- He's gonna make Gantu catch the expierments.
  • Expierement 625- Not very useful at all. Just walks around holding a sandwich after you give it to him.
  • 033 "Hammerface"-One of the expierements you fight.
  • 062 "Frenchfry"- One of the expierements that must be defeated.
  • 110 "Squeak"- You don't have to fight him.
  • 199 "Nosy" - Sometimes he'll walk by.
  • 210 "Retro" He'll do an annoying dance move.
  • 502 and 503 "Yin and Yang"- A tag team battle.
  • 513 "Ritcher"- Hitch a Ride.
  • 523 "Slushy"- Ask for help.
  • 601 "Kixx"-Ask for help.
  • 608 "Slugger"- Ask for Help.
  • 613 "Yaarp"-Ask for help.
  • 619 "Splodyhead"-Battle Him.
  • Mertle, Yuki, Helena, and Teressa-give you directions


  • Main Street (Hula School, Lilo's House, Milkshakes)
  • The Fores t(Jumba's Ship, The Jungle:Gantu's Ship)
  • Beach
  • Small Islanld


  • Pod Collecter- To collect pods.
  • Laptop Thing-Info on all expierements.
  • Milkshakes-You'll need it later.
  • Dehydrayter-Dehydrate expierements.
  • Old Spray Bottle-This could come in handy.
  • Mirror-Do deflect attacks.


  • When you get there Lilo will say that some of the expierements have been dehydrayted and scrambled all over.
  • Go talk to Jumba. He'll give you a pod collecter.
  • Stitch will ask to come with you. Lilo will say it's okay as long as he promises to return.
  • Pleakly will ask too, only to be rejected much to his dismay.
  • Go to the Forest were you'll find a pods that say 033,062,210,502,503,513,523,601,608.
  • Go into Jumba's Spaceship and get his laptop thing.
  • A message will be sent claiming that Jumba is on the beach and to bring the pods to him.
  • Upon stopping at the beach Pleakly will come running and knock all of the pods into the water.
  • Jumba will give you a dehydrayter.
  • Lilo will come and tell you that Hammerface is at their house causing trouble.
  • To defeat Hammerface pick up pick up vases that he'll slam his nose and stun itself. Dehydrate after repeating 3 times.
  • Go outside and ignore Squeak and Nosy.
  • You'll fing an old spray bottle.
  • At the Hula School Mertle,Yuki,Helena, and Teressa will show you where another expiriment went.
  • It's French Fry! Walk behind the stage. He'll leave.
  • Put in the Spray Bottle then hide behind the stage again.
  • He'll come and taste the soup then pass out. Dehydrate him.
  • Go to the beach. Oddly enough black and white.
  • Pleakly will give you a mirror.
  • Retro will blast you and you'll turn into an early poptropican for a small amount of time.
  • To defeat him use the mirror and it will reflect back at him and turn him into a pod.
  • Stitch will refuse to get in the water.
  • Go from the beach from to the small island.
  • Yin and Yang will attack you at the same time.
  • Jump so that they will attack each other.
  • After you defeat them dehydrate them.
  • 625 will come walking by and you offer him a trade. He'll give you th keys to open Gantu's Ship, for a sandwich.
  • Reactivate FrenchFry.Tell him to make you a sandwich.Then give it to 625.
  • He'll give you the Keys.
  • Go to the jungle into Gantu's Ship.
  • Before you get there you'll find Splodyhead.
  • You'll try to dehydrate him but it's all out. Use the mirror to deflect the fireballs back at him.
  • After defeating him Stitch will come and take your pods.
  • Go into Gantu's Ship and eventually you'll find Hamsterviel on a big screen.
  • Keep rolling or run fast when it's turned off or he'll catch you.
  • Gantu will be waiting for you. Use your milkshake to make him slip.
  • All of the other expierements will be freed(513,523,601,608,613,619).
  • Stitch and the other expierements(033,062,110,199,210,502,503,and 625)ouse with all of the expier
  • 625 will trip over one of Yin's tentacles and hit a self destruct switch.
  • Run out of the ship before it's too late.
  • Go to Lilo's house with all of the expierements and she'll reward you the the medallion.

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