After you defeat Rocky Rumble Half-Island, This Island Will Be Acessible. You have to defeat the Rock Boss by capturing and training your rock creatures.


  • Go to Rocky Rumble Island. Talk to the scientist. He will give you some capture cubes and a small creature named Rockyreasel.
  • Go to the Training Area. Point to the cardboard cut-outs of rocks and tell him to use his Rockstorm.
  • Some rocks will appear in air and start to break the rocks. It will learn Rockshield and Sword of Balance.
  • Go outside. A kid with Rockyreasteel will start to battle you. Keep using Rockstorm and Rockshield.
  • The kid will use Steel Tail on you. Use Sword of Balance to make your energy even.
  • Finish him off with 2 Rockstorms.
  • Go to the Care Center and put your Rockyreasel in your locker.
  • Exit. A Rockweiler will be eating rocks. Catch it in a capture cube.
  • The kid will come back and throw out Rockehipmunk. Throw out Rockweiler.
  • Tell him to use Rock Rings. Some rocks will swirl around in a giant ring and hit Rockehipmunk.
  • Rockehipmunk will use his Double Rockshield. They will appear on the sides.
  • Tell Rockweiler to use Rockbone. Rockweiler will shoot a bone made of rock out of his mouth.
  • Rockehipmunk will get hit. He will use Reverser Shields to hit Rockweiler with the Rock Ring.
  • Your Rockweiler will get knocked out. Take him in your capture cube and pick up Rockyreasel, which will now be Rockyreasteel.
  • Heal Rockweiler and go to Rocky Boss Lane. Have your creatures fight for practice.
  • It is a practice fight, so no energy was lost. Walk into the Rock Boss Place.
  • Walk on the sandy platform. The Rock Boss will appear and throw out Rockehipmunk. Throw out Rockyreasteel.
  • Rockehipmunk will use Rock Rings. Use your Reverser Shields to hit Rockehipmunk. He will use his Double Rockshield.
  • Use Rockstorm, and then use Sword of Balance.
  • Use Steel Tail to make Rockehipmunk get knocked out.
  • The Rock Boss will throw out another Rockehipmunk.
  • Use Rock Rings and Rockstorm a lot. Soon, your energy will be low and his will be high. Use Sword of Balance.
  • Rockehipmunk will use Reverser Shields. Use Double Rockshield.
  • Use Steel Tail lots of times and you will beat the Rockehipmunks.
  • The Rock Boss will throw out Rhirockerus.
  • Rhirockerus will use Horn Charge and Rockyreasteel will get knocked out.
  • Throw out Rockweiler. Tell him to keep using Double Rockshield.
  • Use Rock Rings. Rockweiler will turn into Rhirockerus.
  • Use Rockstorm. Rhirockerus will use Horn Defense and you will learn Horn Charge.
  • Use Horn Charge a lot and you will learn Double Horn Charge, which your opponent does not know.
  • Use it and you will win.
  • The Rock Boss will give you the medallion.

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