Shark Tooth Island 2 is an island on Poptropica 2. The citizens of Shark Tooth Island are in trouble again! This time a tsunami is about to happen! Can you find a way to stop it before its too late?



  • Bat Lair
  • Hospital
  • Medicine Man Tree
  • Main Street
  • Aincent Ruins
  • Booga Bay


  • First Aid Kit
  • Mop
  • Booga's Fish Hook
  • Tsunami Cure Page
  • Carbonated Coconut Milk
  • Jellyfish Tablet
  • Coconut
  • Tsunami Wave Shirt
  • Grass Skirt
  • Bat Sap
  • Tsunami Stopping Potion
  • Scrap Of Paper
  • Medallion


  • Go to Main Street.
  • Go to Professor Hammerhead.
  • He tells you that a tsunami will come to Shark Tooth Island.
  • He will give you a jellyfish that he found at sea. BE CAREFUL IT STINGS!
  • Go to Booga Bay.
  • Go to the Fisherman. He says that if you beat him in Fishing, he'll give you a Coconut.
  • Go to the Native-Skirt Man.
  • Give him the Coconut. He gives you the Native Skirt.
  • Go to Main Street
  • Go in the Shark Musuem.
  • Find a scrap of paper on the Facts Board.
  • Go out.
  • Go to the Bat Lair.
  • The Blind-Bat Guy will give you his Bat Costume because the Bat Guy wants to take a break.
  • Put on the costume and the bats won't hit you.
  • Pass the Bats.
  • You would see a guy selling Tsunami Wave Shirts.
  • Get one.
  • He will walk away with his Stand.
  • Go Out.
  • Put on the Native Skirt.
  • Go Right.
  • Go inside the Ancient Ruins.
  • Find a Tsunami Cure Page lying around.
  • Stick it to the scrap of paper.
  • Go back to Hammerhead.
  • Tell him what you found.
  • He will tell you that he left his First Ait Kit at Booga Bay.
  • Go to Booga Bay.
  • Play the mini-game again with the Fisherman.
  • He will give you the First-Aid Kit.
  • Go to in the Water.
  • The Shark attacks you.
  • then the Hook comes off the Shark.
  • Get the Hook.
  • Explain this to the Fisherman.
  • He says that he lost That hook when he younger.
  • The Fisherman then walks off.
  • Go to the Blind-Bat Guy.
  • He will give you Bat Sap.
  • Go to Main Street.
  • Go to the Explorer Girl.
  • She will give you Satellite.
  • Go to the Boy.
  • He asks for a Tsunami-Wave Shirt.
  • Give him the shirt and then he walks off.
  • Then Professor Hammerhead comes to you.
  • He tells you to Evacuate everyone.
  • But first, give him the Satellite and Bat Sap.
  • He turns Bat Sap into a Indestructible Bat Sap.
  • Put it on.
  • Go tell the Woman and the Boy to evacuate.
  • Go tell Shark Boy to Evacuate.
  • Professor Hammerhead then gives you a Tsunami-Stopping Potion.
  • Then The Screen will say 3 Days Later.
  • Then the Tsunami Came.
  • You were washed away too!
  • Then you and the others ended up in Hospital.
  • You can't stand up.
  • They give you and the others First Aid Kit.
  • Then you could stand up.
  • Professor Hammerhead gives you the Medallion for trying the best.Template:NotReal

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