So you want to become a celebrity and sign autographs? Well visit Hollywood Island and YOU can become a superstar and try to win the Best Celebrity Award to get your special Hollywood Medallion. First you can recieve a Celebrity Application Form to enter the Hollywood Hall of Fame. Then fly a helicopter to Hollywood and choose these jobs: Actor, Singer, Comedian, or an Author. Choose and learm how to become a famous celebrity! But when a mystery man is jealous of you he tries to sabotage your job with his greedy skills. Only you can stop him and find out who the mystery man is!

Hollywood Island


Action and Fun




  • Gary Oldman (Actor)
  • Adam Levine (Singer)
  • Justin Bieber (Singer)
  • Daniel Radcliffe (Actor)
  • Jeff Kinney (Author)
  • Lincoln Pierce (Author)
  • Chris Rock (Comedian Mentor)
  • Eddie Murphy (Comedian & Actor)
  • George Lucas (Director)
  • Steven Speilburg (Director)
  • Cee Lo Green (Singer Mentor)
  • Joe Jonas (Singer Mentor)
  • Arnold Lobel (Author Mentor)
  • Tom Angleberger (Author Mentor)
  • Jeff Foxworthy (Comedian Mentor)
  • Mr. Jefferson


  • Cereal Box
  • Hollywood Application
  • Singer Ticket
  • Actor Ticket
  • Comedian Ticket
  • Author Ticket
  • Microphone
  • Lyric Book
  • Script Paper
  • Actor Makeup
  • Laugh A Lot Microphone
  • 1000 Joke Book
  • Storyline Web
  • No. 2 Pencil
  • Poster
  • Clapboard
  • Signature Pen



  • Mega Grocery Market
  • Ultimate Next Generation Diner
  • Hollywood Autographs
  • The Hollywood Franchise
  • Heliport Hollywood


  • Actor Place
  • Singer's Center
  • Author Academy
  • Comedian Central


  • Item Room
  • Makeover Facility
  • Movie Theater
  • Rehersal Stage
  • Special Effect Section
  • Camera Room
  • Filming Room


  • Voice Check Area
  • Singer Storage
  • Music Video Filmroom
  • Video Effect Room
  • Lyric Hall
  • Rehersal Check
  • Stage Room
  • TV Theater


  • Storyline Library
  • Book Library
  • Pencil Store
  • Book Writing Room
  • Computer Place
  • Book Design
  • Cover Producion
  • Publishing Factory


  • Microphone Store
  • Joke Bookshop
  • Rehersal Room
  • TV Watchtower
  • Joke Practice


  • Statue Room
  • Trophy Hall
  • Painting Memorial
  • Ticket Check In
  • Certificate Hand Out
  • Basement


The only boss is the mystery man who is Mr. Jefferson, the seller of the cereal. So after you are awarded in the Hall of Fame Mr. Jefferson comes rolling in with an X mask and starts shooting beams at you everywhere! You first need to avoid the lasers in the game: Laser Dodge. Then Mr. Jefferson will then start destroying statues so the rocks will fall on you and you have to avoid it. This is the second game: Statue Dodge. Then after that "Xenon Man" will really fight you so you have to find the barrel on the ceiling and destroy it so the barrel falles on Xenon Man who is really Mr. Jefferson. Then he will leave you alone and you will get the medallion.

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