Imagine It Island. We've all wanted to do this. Let's make it happen.


Oh no! Sorry guys, but we're running out of ideas! So here's what we're doing. Let's go in the Poptropica studios and jam it up! 10 ideas from 10 awesome users turned into actual islands! But even if you don't win, the island creator is still sure to make your island a satisfying and awesome island.


You will start off on Main Street, where you will see a crying Jeff Kinney on the sidewalk, sitting in front of his house, a Victorian style ancient mansion. The rest of the street is covered with elegant stores, Tipii Mall, and Cobine Cafe, the cafe based on the coffee shop in which Diary of a Wimpy kid was created. Speak to Jeff. He will tell you that Diary of a Wimpy Kid III is the only new island he can think of, but fans are sick of it. He's worried he'll lose his career! Then he runs inside the house, locks the gate, and tells you that he's doomed. Walk right until you see a small building with a red sign barely up that says Cobine Cafe. Pick up the pencil rubbing tool on the table and then enter the cafe. In an old trashcan by the counter you'll see a man who looks homeless laying by the garbage can. He will tell you that he can't let you enter because the original drawings of Diary of a Wimpy Kid are in the can, He will then stand up and ask if you'd like some coffee. Tell him you would. As he goes to the coffee machine, pick up a wallet from the table nearby. Then go to the trash can and in a 10 second minigame unbury the drawings. If you complete the game, he will give you the coffee right after. Hand him the wallet and leave the shop. Now walk left to one of three stores. One you will visit a bit later, one right now, and the other is the common room. The Yum-Yum is the common room and the second store on the left. Diamond Pawn you will visit later and is the first store on the left. Just for Secret is the shop you need to visit and the third store on the left. Enter Just for Secret and ask the woman for a room. She will point you to the left and give you a ROOM 4 card. Enter the elevator and swipe the card in 4. It will open to a room that is tightly locked. Click use on the drawings and the pencil rubbing tool will appear with it. There are 3 pages, but you need to use the pencil rubber first. Once this is done, read the three papers. All come in handy at one point. One is Greg looking for a key under a mat, another is just plain old Greg, (in which you need to drag to the keep box on the top left.) The final one is Greg telling Manny that the channel he wants is channel 71. Remember channel 71. After you look through these and do this, you will hear screaming from downstairs! "HE STOLE THEM!!!! ORIGINAL WIMPY KID DRAWIN'S, HE DID! THE HEIR OF ME SHOP!" After this, you must grab the video camera on the wall and watch. It's you and a bunch of other secrets! They're spies! Take out the film and click use. You will use the film to cut the camera cord from the camera. This will destroy the film. Now use the camera, which will smash the window open. Finally, use the cord as a rope and when you get on the ground, run right to Jeff's house! (Direction and fast meaning!) Now quickly click on the mat by the gate and collect the revealed key. Use it to open the gate, run to the door of the house, and click the mat again! There is no key. But there is a lockpicker device. However, the door is strong and won't budge. The angry man runs through the gate and just as he gets close to you, Jeff comes out. "WHAT'S ALL THE COMMONTION!?" He is now angry instead of sad. You explain the situation to Jeff, and the man agrees with you. He is your new teammate! Jeff tells you that it's not going to work, whatever crazy plan you have in mind. But he calls his airplane and tells the pilot to fly you guys to Poptropica studios.

                             When you get there, the man tells you his name is Jerrald, and he'll look for the studio entrance while you talk to the agent. Speak to the agent. The agent tells you to create an island or even enter the studios you'll need to pay him a diamond. Fly back to Main Street and go to Diamond Pawn. 

                               After entering Diamond Pawn, a rich woman laughs at you and tells you you're pathetic because you don't have money. So she spares you a million dollars, because "that's just how rich she is". Later, she is revealed to be a secret agent (along with Jerrald), but for now she remains unknown. buy a diamond with the million, and then fly back to Poptropica Studios. The agent (also a spy, Caesar)takes the diamond and gives it back to you and reveals himself as Caesar, a member of the movement that a certain agent set up for you to influence. The woman also comes back and tells you she is Patricia, the agent that gave you the money. You ask if Jerrald is an agent to, and they ask you what you think. They then walk away and tell you you will still need the diamond in the challenge set up for you. 

                                                                Now you can enter the studio and create your island! After creation, the diamond is used to pay off the graphics and production of your island. Then suddenly, a news report blasts saying that Poptropica is going to be cancelled on a date ordered by your favorite news, GamingExaminer Station 0.7! Caesar and Patricia run up to you and tell you that Jerrald set the whole thing up, but this was unexpected! At this moment, Jerrald comes back and tells you that one of the Wimpy Kid islands is in a deletion hack! You have to create a replica of Greg with lines provided (use the drawing from earlier!!!) to stop the hack. This is just a fun bit, but you can not move on if you do not finish, so complete it! Then he will beg you to find a way to tell the news that there's a new island and they're not cancelling. Then the pilot, another agent named Viktor, flies you to the TV station. You run in the station and go into the GamingExaminer Station 0.7! door, you will see Viktor sliding in through the chimney, telling all of the newspeople to get working on cancelling Poptropica. Viktor then spots you and throws a stack of papers. After you get up, he's standing by the fireplace with the stolen Poptropica idea notebook! That's where all of Jeff's ideas have gone! Suddenly, he will drop the notebook on the floor and run over to the TV, where the reporters are seen beginning to talk about the truth on Poptropica. In the meantime, Jerrald has caught up with you and called the police. Caesar retrieves the notebook, though, and Viktor screams for help, that he's not the real villain. Then Caesar smiles and jumps out the window with the filming cord. "Thanks for the trick, buddy!" Viktor is then arrested and he shows you his plots, a piece of paper. On the front is his piece, titled ASSISTANT. Then he flips the paper and screams CRIMINAL! The piece of paper shows a picture of the "CRIMINAL" with a giant question mark covering the identity, along with the words to be continued. 

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