Go in the museum on main street

Talk with the woman at the front desk, say you want a job, see will lead you to Cecil the previous owner

Talk with Cecil and say you want a job, he will say 'come back tomorrow and I will tell you'

Exit the museum and go on Twisted Street, go in house number 213 and go to sleep

The Next morning you must go to Cecil in the museum and ask Cecil for the job, he will say yes he gives you all you need

Then you see the nightguard Larry, talk to him and go to his sons hockey match, play on his team, score a goal, he will thank you an give you a lucky charm

Then go to the museum for your first night, Larry will be there he tells you he has to go to the bathroom

Then you will see the whole museum come to life, Larry will get out and you must start running

You and Larry are getting chased by a dinosaur, you have 1 minute to get in the 'Hall of African Mamalls'

Then you will see lions, you must run in the jungle and a monkey will steal your keys and Larrys

But you have a lucky charm, use it an the monkey will fall and you will get the keys

Get out and then you will be chased by Atilla the Hun and his Huns escape in the elavator

It will become morning, you and Larry go out of the museum, you and Larry will go to the libary to study

Then the 2nd night you are greeted by Thedore Rossevelt, go upstairs and he will lead you to Akmenrahs Room

He will say the tablet brings the dolls to life, then he leaves, but some mini dolls traps you and Larry, you wake up to no more moving dolls, then you must go in your apartment to study more, then it is night

Go to the museum, you will see Larry bought his son Nicky then Cecil will knock you over and run to Akmenrahs room and steal the tablet

You must unleash Akmenrah, you will see all the dolls fighting and Akmenrah will make an annoucnment next thing you know you have an army to get the tablet

Go outside and ride on Rosevelts horse to catch Cecil

Boss Battle

You must avoid 15 bombs dropped by Cecil then when you catch up say Dakota!

The horses will stop and you will take the tablet

The next morning your boss will fire you and larry but he sees tons of people coming to the museum

He will give you the Island Medallion and Nightguard of the Year


Nightguard Card

Nightguard Badge

Lucky Charm


History Book

Horse Whip

Akmenrahs Tablet

Island medallion

Nightguard of the Year Badge


Main Street

Twisted Street

House 213

The Forest

Museum Hall

Hall of African Mammalls

Minature Room

Ice Rink

Members Items

Glow in the Dark Flashlight

Powered Akmenrahs Tablet

Night Guard Suit

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