Pirate Ship Island is an upcoming island.


Captain Crawfish's back and coming targeting you!,jump over hedges,go underwater and finally send Crawfish back to another island


Arrive on the island,Go to the Docks,you will see a pirate ship coming through,see through a telescope and you will notice this is Captain Crawfish's ship.The ship arrives and he will run to attack will run on a wild goose chase.

After avoiding the obstacles,he will chase you to the water you see a diving gear and go underwater,Crawfish also gets a diving gear and he chases you.

On the next island,You will hide from Captain Crawfish,You will first hide behind a broken sofa,Then you hide inside a rubbish bin,then under a sewer,Captain Crawfish won't look under a sewer,he is saying something to his crew when you push him inside the pirate ship and get the diving gear,close the door of the ship,go underwater and pull the anchor of the ship.

The ship will sail to another island,and you will earn a gold medallion.

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