Mixup Island is the 100th island of Poptropica and a mixup of the first 99 islands.

Poptropica News Network Interruption Edit

Been solving puzzles since 2007? Here ara some major moments you might remember, but there was more to the story.

  • 2007: Professor Peldum from Time Tangled Island took a vacation to Shark Tooth Island.
  • 2008: The Nabooti totem from Nabooti Island accidentally gets knocked over by a museum employee.
  • 2009: Mordred from Astro-Knights Island escapes and makes more inventions. Unfortunately, he made a little TOO many inventions.
  • 2010: Exclusive footage of Reality TV Island accidentally shows Binary Bard taking over.
  • 2011: Poptropica premeres its first game shows on Game Show Island, which get crashed by E. Vile's robot army.
  • 2012: Poptropica releases its first bonus quest on S.O.S. Island, which had a typo saying, "Leeks" instead of "Leaks".
  • 2013: Poptropica shows its first island with sound on Virus Hunter Island, but the Poptropicanswere deaf, so they needed sound as well.
  • 2014: Poptropica releases its first Island broken into parts, Survival Island, but the medalion was ALSO broken into parts.

Plot Edit

Villains from the first 99 islands return and mix up the world of Poptropica.

Walkthrough Edit


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