Super Villain Island 2: Prison Break is an island created by Ultimate iPad Expert and Joshuawesome8.

Plot SynopsisEdit

"El Mustachio, Gretchen Grimlock, and Mr. Silva broke out of Erewhon Prison and were then put into the dream machine, which was repared by Dr. Spyglass. You must go into their minds and remove their evil." -Ultimate iPad Expert

"After three more of Erewhon Prison's villains escape, they are put in Dream Capsules by Dr. Spyglass. Now you must enter the Dream Machine once again to find their totems and remove them, ridding them of their evil once and for all . . ." - Joshuawesome8

Bonus QuestEdit

"Director D is revealed to be Dr. Spyglass (during the island) so you must gather the real Dr. Spyglass to get Director D locked up in the dream machine. Then you must go into Director D's mind and remove his evil." -Ultimate iPad Expert

"After Director D reveals himself to be Dr. Spyglass in disguise, it is up to you to find the real Dr. Spyglass and work together to defeat Director D and lock him up in the only remaining Dream Capsule . . ." - Joshuawesome8