Total Drama IslandEdit

Total Drama Island is the 33rd island on Poptropica after Zomberry Island. Despite other islands being hard, this will be the easiest island yet.


From Poptropica ToursEdit

" Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa, home of 24 trustworthy 16-year-old contestants who had signed up to be in a reality show on an island, known as Total Drama Island. The teens all have different expectations for what camp is going to be like, with the underlying idea that it is going to be luxurious. According to Chris, to be on the show, one has to be at least 16 years old and be either "kooky, obnoxiuos, stuck-up, dense, loud, annoying, filthy, or anywhere remotely in between". The 24 teens chosen are divided into 2 separate teams called the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. The 2 teams are given challenges every 3 days in which you have to help one of them win. The losing team will vote one of their teammates off and the contestant who's voted off will have to walk the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers, which will then take them away until the finale. At some point in the competition, the teams will dissolve. After the merge, the same elimination process continues happening, except then, after every challenge, only 1-2 people have invincibility and after every challenge, the whole group has to vote somebody out instead of just one team. This process continues until only 2 people (who happen to be you and Leshawna) are left to compete in a final challenge and the last constestant standing can win tabloid fame and a small fortune of $100,000.

From the TrailerEdit

" From the original off-the-wall animated reality series on TV... Comes a butt-kicking new Poptropica adventure... Experience the challenges that the campers just faced... Earn marshmallows... Can you beat the campers at their own game?"

Members Only Bonus QuestEdit

You may have won Total Drama Island, but there's still more work to be done. As Chris had remembered, 13 new teenagers threaten to replace the former contestants and have teamed up to steal DJ's money. Now, each of those 13 new campers have stolen the $100,000 and are scattered in 13 Poptropica quests you completed in the past. It's up to you to go back and challenge Tough girl Jo, Scott, Zoe, Multiple- Personality Mike, Lightning, Brick, B (a.k.a. Beverly), Dawn, Dakota, Tan in a can (a.k.a. Anne Maria), Staci, Cameron and Sam each to a battle of fencing in a desperate attempt to get the $100,000 back and regain the former caontestants' popularity before it's too late.


1. You 

2. Chris McLean (host) 

3. Chef Hatchet

4. Heather 

5. Justin 

6. Eva

7. Harold 

8. Owen 

9. Duncan

10. Courtney

11. Lindsay

12. Ezekiel

13. Izzy

14. Cody

15. DJ

16. Noah 

17. Geoff

18. Bridgette

19. Gwen

20. Katie

21. Sadie

22. Leshawna

23. Beth

24. Trent

25. Tyler

26. Alejandro

27. Sierra

28. Jo

29. Scott

30. Zoe

31. Mike

32. Lightning

33. Brick

34. Beverly

35. Dawn

36. Dakota

37. Anne Maria

38. Staci

39. Cameron

40. Sam


1. The Dock of Shame (Main Street)

2. The Campfire Pit

3. The Gopher Cabin

4. The Bass Cabin

5. The Main Lodge

6. Boney Island

7. Chris' cabin

8. The Forest

9. The Pet Cemetery

10. The Stage

11. The Mudpit

12. The Dodgeball Court

13. The Bayou

14. Mt. Chrismore

15. The Island Nearby

16. The Studios (also played in the bonus quest)


1. The Marshmallow

2. The Stick

3. The Dodgeball

4. The Tent

5. The Cursed Idol from Boney Island

6. The Invincibility Statue of Chris

7. The Oars

8. Chris' Tuxedo

9. The Basketball Pinny

10. The Karate Gear

11. The Baseball Bat

12. The Football Helmet

13. The Beth Bars

14.The Paintball Gun

15. The Sword

16. The Script

17. The Bicycle Helmet

18. The Key

19. The $100,000 

20. The Island Medallion