• FireworkCauldrom

    Now, this is going way, way ,way WAY back in the wayback machine. All the way to Poptropica's original two islands! There were two pending islands at this point in time: Time Twisted Island (Note the odd spelling.) AND.... A mysterious place known as Monster Carnival Island. Monster items were distributed, but the island was suddenly shut up and replaced (With 24 Carrot Island!), and everyone who logged in during those two weeks lost ALL of their Monstrous items, but a few relics survived for us to examine:

    • Unicorn Horn
    • Dragon Wings (Body)
    • Dragon Wings (Head)
    • Goat Horns
    • Spikes (Back)
    • Dragon Tail
    • Incased Brain (Head)
    • Devil Horns
    • Spots & Stripes

    All VERY interesting evidence. Dragons, Unicorns, Gremlins, Monstrosities..... And some sort of circus ten…

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