The WAYBACK Machine: Monster Carnival Island

Now, this is going way, way ,way WAY back in the wayback machine. All the way to Poptropica's original two islands! There were two pending islands at this point in time: Time Twisted Island (Note the odd spelling.) AND.... A mysterious place known as Monster Carnival Island. Monster items were distributed, but the island was suddenly shut up and replaced (With 24 Carrot Island!), and everyone who logged in during those two weeks lost ALL of their Monstrous items, but a few relics survived for us to examine:

  • Unicorn Horn
  • Dragon Wings (Body)
  • Dragon Wings (Head)
  • Goat Horns
  • Spikes (Back)
  • Dragon Tail
  • Incased Brain (Head)
  • Devil Horns
  • Spots & Stripes

All VERY interesting evidence. Dragons, Unicorns, Gremlins, Monstrosities..... And some sort of circus tent. But this was all we had as evidence of it's existance.... until this:

We present to you: EXHIBIT B!!!!


Exhibit B

This photo was leaked in 2011 from a forgotten, incomplete island: Obviously Monster Carnival Island. This shows an ominous black ringmaster in a top hat and mask, and... hoops and barbells. A circus? Like, with strongmen (er...strongmonster, that is) and acrobats and all that? I can just picture a poptropican dragon flying through those hoops...

And finally that concludes our evidence locker. Is that the end we will here of Monster Carnival Island? Well, we could only speculate... UNTIL....


Unnamed City Island!!!!!

It's been hinted that this island may contain zombies... which has led to multiple 'Monster Island RETURNS!' theroys... until this:


LOOK!!! IN THE BACKGROUND!!! Is that the Mews Corp. logo on the building??? The same Mew Corp. run by Harold Mews, lifelong Cryptzoologist??? Let's do some math here...

Harold Mews + Zombies = CAPTURED ZOMBIES!!!

Well so much for that theory. Until otherwise, Monster Carnival Island and it's mysterious masked ringleader will remain buried beneath the poptropican waves....

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