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  • I live in The United States of Norway(just kidding could you imagine)
  • My occupation is Professional viner. Oh wait that' not witty, that's a real occupation. I hate our generation.
  • I am A huge anime fan. Pretty original right?
  • NBerkhof

    Forums now available!

    December 17, 2012 by NBerkhof

    The title says it all. The Poptropica Wiki has added forums, so we added our own! Have fun with discussions!

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  • NBerkhof

    Try to change me

    October 7, 2012 by NBerkhof

    Back when this wiki started, I was the only user, before the Poptropica Wiki Staff Team joined. When I was the only user, I decided that when more users came, we'd need something to get them to edit even better. Badges were the answer. Then when more users DID come, I decided to cusomize them to give them that Poptropica sizzle. Here's a few of the badges I've customized so far.

    Have any suggestions for badges and what pictures to use to customize them? Leave them below in the comments!

    (Thanks to Monkeboy2558 for giving me the suggestion for Explorer!)

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  • NBerkhof

    Welcome to the Poptropica Ideas Wiki! Feel free to create and edit awesome ideas! I'm the founder and Chairman of the wiki, NBerkhof. Contact me, the Vice Chairman Bob Bricks, or any of the other admins for help! What are you waiting for, go make your ideas!

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  • NBerkhof


    August 12, 2012 by NBerkhof

    Hello. Welcome to Poptropica Ideas Wiki, a new Wiki built for you to make Poptropica Ideas. I am this Wik's Fouder, NBerkhof, or Moody Eel on Poptropica.

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