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    Clone Island

    April 14, 2013 by Shadowy Scarecrow

    You arrive on "Clone Island", eager to see what awaits you. A poptropican greet's you with a cheerful hello, and then the same poptropican appears next to him, you ask if the poptropican has a twin, he replies no and runs off. You follow the scared poptropican, to find out that he led you to a HUGE lab. You go inside the lab to find out that this person who owns the lab is making evil clones! You find a lot of familiar faces, in fact you find them all here, including you! Your clone seems to be the main source of the project, connected with the minds of every villain (looks like your clone will be a complete lunatic). You realize now you have to figure out who did this, so to Erewhon prison you go! You find out that a man had to take every…

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    This is the sequel to Dark Island, it will not be affected by the Mythology series.

    Your having a party with your friends (Binary Bard, Black Widow, Dr. Hare, Captain Crawfish, Shady Guy, and the Princess) when you hear a scream outside, you go outside alone to investigate. You see that The Dark Mistress has returned, she makes a Dark Portal into the sky and escapes. You go inside and tell everyone the news; "Does that mean....?!" say's the Princess; "Yes, she has returned, and she might find new victims" You reply. You pull out your map and give everyone walkie talkies, you tell each of your friends to investigate their "Home Island" first. Everyone leaves, you decide to investigate the castle, it turns out that the Dark Mistress survived …

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  • Shadowy Scarecrow

    Just ignore the forum, it's going to be a new island story in a blog post with more details.

    After the events of Super Villain Island, you find yourself on Dark Island, rumoured to be filled with a dark aura. You wonder where everyone went, someone answer's "They have all disappeared due to a person called the Dark Mistress", you turn around, it's the shady guy from Counterfiet Island! He tells you that four poptropicans' have been captured, and one of them is his former partner, The Black Widow! Three more people appear, your suprised to find that they're the Princess from Astro-Knights, the Mayor from 24 Carrot Island, and the Governor from Skulldugery Island. They say that the villains' returned to their home island, but they changed, th…

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