You arrive on "Clone Island", eager to see what awaits you. A poptropican greet's you with a cheerful hello, and then the same poptropican appears next to him, you ask if the poptropican has a twin, he replies no and runs off. You follow the scared poptropican, to find out that he led you to a HUGE lab. You go inside the lab to find out that this person who owns the lab is making evil clones! You find a lot of familiar faces, in fact you find them all here, including you! Your clone seems to be the main source of the project, connected with the minds of every villain (looks like your clone will be a complete lunatic). You realize now you have to figure out who did this, so to Erewhon prison you go! You find out that a man had to take every villains' blood sample, but you know that's still not enough information, so you go to the Spy Island headquarters. You have Director D in your possesion in a investigation room. "Yeah so the guy had to take my sample, what else do you need." Director D said with the least amount of enthusiasim; "I need a desription of the man who took your blood." You reply; " Dark cloak with metal attached to his face, he had wires around him like he hasn't been in this enviorment in years." Director D replies. You get up and have the agent's hold Director D in his little cell until further notice. You head to Astro-Knights island, you knock on Binary Bard's door, after Binary Bard answer's, you tackle him and pin him to the floor "What is this with you taking blood sample's from other villain's? You've been taking the blood samples to another secret hideout of yours to make a cloning machine!" You angerly say; "It wasn't me, I swear! I got the blood sample taken today!" Binary Bard cried. You take Binary Bard with you back to Spy Island to release Director D. You forgot about one other person who might be useful, Dr. Hare! You go with the two to 24 Carrot Island. "You want me to help you with an investigation of cloning?" asks Dr. Hare; "It'll clean your criminal record" said Binary Bard; "Please help us Dr. Hare, you wouldn't want anyone to beat your inventions, do you?"


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